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Samruddhi Varg

Need analysis – Swanand Jankalyan Pratishthan launched Bal Samruddhi Varg as a project initiative in 2016. The goal of this project was to instil essential human values in youngsters aged three to twelve years. This is a critical age for children since it is when they begin to learn and grasp their surroundings, and it is the best time to mould their minds and provide them with a proper upbringing.

Families and children in slum communities encounter several problems and hardships. Kids are raised in such harsh circumstances that they learn to adapt to their surroundings and learn by seeing what is going on around them without understanding what is right and wrong. For this reason, Swanand took the initiative to educate these children on how important values and judgment are.

Bal Samruddhi Varg provides children with a comprehensive approach through activities, games, engaging stories with moral values, physical activity, yogasanas, outdoor games, art, and literature. All of this serves to fire their nationalism and allow them to focus on their inner voice and principles to achieve holistic growth.

Goal: Development of children by inculcating values, promoting health, imparting knowledge, and journey towards an overall well human being.

  • Age group – 4 to 12 year
  • Frequency – Twice a week, on Saturday and Sunday
  • Session time – 2 Hr
  • Presence – Average 30 students per class

Currently, Swanand is operating 30 Samruddhi Varg in 29 Seva vasti with the help of 38 teachers.


The distinction between outcome and impact is razor-thin. This project has resulted in the instillation of values and beliefs in approximately 950 children in 30 Seva vastis and has employed 56 teachers to oversee the program. The parents’ and students’ feedback has been incredibly positive. The kids have learned to respect their parents, their peers, their teachers, and their environment. They’ve gotten more conscientious.

The impact refers to the societal changes that this initiative would bring. These children will be the world’s next leaders. These youngsters would learn to be self-sufficient, and independent, make decisions, and become good human beings in the long term.