Science Park Trip : 26 February 2023

Pimpari Chinchwad Science Park Study Trip funded by
On 26th February 2023, 30 Students of the Naipunya Varg project visited Science Park at Pimpri Chinchwad; on National science day. While entering the main building, the staff gave brief information about their experiments, planetarium and 3.D show.
The children get information about: –
1) Fighter plane MIG-29.
2) Automobile section: – like various engines, steam engines as well as the working system of the engine.
3)Planetarium show: – Children were shown the stars and 12 zodiac signs.
4) 3D show:- Children get the experience of aquatic animals, the land of close-by discovery video.
5) Department of Energy: – Children saw and understood how seasons occur, rotating windows, solar energy, and windmill.
6) Dinosaur Park: – Children enjoy the science-related games in this park.
The children got to learn about the advancement in all the above departments of science.