SMART abhyasika

Need Analysis

When COVID struck, a lockdown was implemented that had an impact on all sectors, but education was particularly hard hit. Students had to get accustomed to online learning. Online learning was an option for pupils in metropolitan regions, but it had a significant impact on those in rural and slum communities. These children had no way of obtaining an education because schools were closed and parents could not find work to afford laptops and internet connection 

There was food scarcity, the virus spreading like wildfire in the slum regions, and there were insufficient medical facilities. The education of the kids was ignored during this procedure. The children were initially given a few assignments and books to aid in their study, but such efforts had little to no impact. The children’s future needed to be secured immediately.

For this very reason, Swanand stepped in and came up with a solution to provide online education to the kids and named this project “SMART Abhyasika”

Swanand has collaborated with Chaitanya Software technology for this project. Chaitanya Software Technologies, established and headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra’s educational centre, is a pioneer in digital education in schools. The company has spent more than 17 years establishing its extensive digital collection to foster the entire development of Maharashtra’s youth and the country. 

Goal: To make learning easy, attractive, and understandable through computerized modules and guidance.

  • Age group – students from 1st to 10th standard
  • Session time – 3 hrs/day
  • Frequency – 5 days/week
  • 1st to 10th syllabus in Audio Visual form
  • Local teacher available for guidance
  • Fun and learning activities after study time

Currently, Swanand is operating 28 SMART Abhysika in 28 Seva vasti with the help of 28 teachers.


28 SMART Abhyasika initiatives are currently active in 28 Seva vastis. Per seva vasti, one teacher has been appointed. This project involves 700 students. The advantages for students are enormous. They don’t miss anything or get behind in their studies, so they are on par with their peers. To aid with their understanding of the concepts, they are given assignments and homework. The fact that their child can continue his or her education without any obstacles makes parents happy and satisfied. Additionally, the kids would experience confidence and success.