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Naipunya varg

Teenagers can train through activities in a program called Naipunya Varg. As Samruddhi Varg and SMART Abhyasika students, these students are already connected to SJP. We feel ready to begin this activity following a thorough survey and student discussion. Students’ varied skills are improved in this course. To help the student become good person, we aim to instil societal values in them. This course enhances their ability to build and polish their talents.

Teachers monitor students involved in various projects, and if they notice a student demonstrating a strong interest in or aptitude for a certain subject, they may choose to include him or her in Naipunya Varg.

After observing some of the children in the prosperity class and smart study, 40 children with different skills were selected from these settlements. Encouragement sessions are organized to enhance the skills of the children. Children are interacted with through intellectual, and physical games, patriotic songs, instructive short films and discussions on various social issues. In addition to these sessions, project visits, short trips, and fort trips are also organized. Due to the skill class, children are aware of social issues and feel that leadership skills have been developed.

Goal: Nurture a complete human being by teaching various life skills through fun learning activities.

  • Age group- 13 to 18 yrs.
  • Session time- 2 hrs
  • Frequency – Monthly 2 classes
  • Various experts from various sectors guide the children

Currently 1 Naipunya Varg is operative