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KishorDarpan Varg

Need analysis: This initiative was developed for people who were approaching adulthood, primarily teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19. An individual experiences physical, mental, and emotional changes between these years. These changes are unfamiliar to them and can be very baffling if they don’t have anybody with whom to discuss them and who can help them comprehend what they are going through. To teach young adult about their growing bodies and these new alien thoughts and feelings invading their minds, the KishorDarpan project was started.

In this project, young adults are taught through a series of activities, interactive audio-visuals, and games, which foster a better understanding of them. Topics such as good and bad touch, food habits, career advice, physical changes, and personality development are discussed in detail with the students.

The families residing in the slum neighbourhoods may find some of these topics to be taboo, yet it is important to talk to these kids about them. Their bodies are ageing along with them. It is critical to let them know what they are dealing with and to give them a safe space where they may openly discuss it.

Goal: Creating Awareness about Physical, Emotional, and Social changes in teenagers and making this journey enjoyable.

  • Age group – 13 to 18 yrs
  • Session time – 1 hour
  • Frequency – Twice a week, on Saturday and Sunday 
  • 15 to 20 girls in one class
  • Exposure visits
  • Diwali camp
  • Skill training

Currently, Swanand is operating 10 KishorDarpan Varg 10 Seva vasti with the help of 10 teachers.


The result of this project is that Swanand is operating 10 KishoreDarpan Varg in 10 Seva vastis with the help of 10 teachers. Every weekend, the session lasts an hour, and each class has roughly 25 to 30 students. Students have a greater understanding of themselves. They are more adept at managing their feelings and emotions. They can communicate with their parents and guide their younger siblings and friends. They are mature and mindful.