Gammat Shibir

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Gammat Shibir was launched in 2011 for kids between the ages of 8 and 14 to enjoy nature with friends, get away from technology, and express their artistic abilities. Children from both slum areas and cities are assembled and taken on an excursion for 2-3 days. Because summer vacation provides a time to learn something new and engage in novel experiences, it is not simply about having fun and being lazy. This is a good opportunity for children to learn about different cultures from their peers, they get to be independent as they are away from their parents for 2-3 days. To do this, a picturesque location close to Pune is chosen to host a two- to three-day residential camp.

Children can study and enjoy various outdoor activities at this camp, including yoga, storytelling, powade, music, theatre, magic experiments, painting, handcrafting, sky viewing, bird watching, trekking, etc. They also get to explore the wilderness. It is a great experience and exposure for children as well as a lot of fun. All the activists and campers who are interested in this development a special kinship. As a result, these kids are developing into the next group of Swanand activists.

To encourage the artistic abilities of the young people in the service area, a one-day free camp is planned. This enables them to take part in fun activities while enjoying the wide spaces of nature. There are 700–800 boys and girls who take part.